Embutidos Entrepeñas

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Producer of traditional Spanish foods in the city of Leon

Bites of land and tradition, ambassadors of the flavours from Leon.

Entrepeñas is synonymous of traditional taste. A family business with a strong link to the land on which it is based: Geras de Gordón, in the middle of the reserve of the biosphere of ‘Alto Bernesga’.

Dedicated to the artisanal production of cold meats for more than 60 years and three generations, Entrepeñas is synonymous of excellence, trust and intense taste. We invite you to check it.

When we talk about Entrepeñas we talk about handmade cold meats and cured naturally with the help of the cold and dry air of the western mountains at an altitude of 1 200 m: a real delicacy which will remind you of the taste of the past.

Entrepeñas follows a strict protocol combining a natural and artisanal production method already used by our ancestors and strict compliance with modern food safety standards.

The products are produced by selecting raw material of the highest quality and by rejecting chemical additives. Instead, we replace them with ancestral and natural preservation methods such as salting, mild smoking, drying or through the use of selected spices.

The result are homemade deli meats with a taste of the past. A real delicacy for the palate.

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