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Lime and ginger honey

Lime and ginger honey

Honey with lime and ginger


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40,00 €/kg
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Lime and ginger honey
  • 12,00 €
12,00 €

Description of product


Much more than a refreshing flavor and an intense aroma!

This new combination of honey, made by the Izanes in the Omaña and Luna Biosphere Reserve, has the refreshing flavor of natural lime and ginger, grated, and united so that you can enjoy its flavor and its multiple properties.

Natural ginger and lime to achieve not only this unmatched and fresh flavor, but thanks to the mixture all its properties are kept intact, which, together with natural honey, make this combination a perfect tandem to boost your immune system and help you with the typical winter ailments, cough, sore throat...

If you are passionate about the combination of exotic, Asian, fresh and natural flavors, honey with lime and ginger is yours. Do not miss it!

Perfect to pair with salmon, foie, or on toast with bread and olive oil.

With honey from the Omaña and Luna Biosphere Reserve.


Honey with lime and ginger


Stir before use

Keep in a cool place with a stable temperature

Nutritional information

Valeur énergétique

1314kj /315kcal
Graisses 0 g
Hidrates de Carbone 78,2 g
dont le sucres 78,2 g
Protéines 0,5 g
Sel 0,05 g
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