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salchichon para untar entrepenas

White chorizo spread

110g netos

3,50 €
31,82 €/kg
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31,82 €/kg
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White chorizo spread
  • 3,50 €
3,50 €

Description of product

This is a unique product which you will only find at Entrepeñas. Our white chorizo transformed into a fantastic spread. It is ready to be spread on croutons, freshly toasted bread slices or as an ingredient in the development of amazing recipes for tapas (stuffed, cannelloni, sauces ...).


Store in a cool, dry place

Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within ten days.


The main ingredient of our salami spread (+/- 80%) is our salchichón, cured for 2 months naturally in the air of our mountains.

Ingredients: Pork, bacon, pepper, nutmeg, salt, dextrin, dextrose, spices pH regulator: E-575, aroma, flavor enhancer: E-621. Stabilizers: E-452 and E-452i and E-451i. Preservatives: E-252, E-250 and E-262. Antioxidant: E-302. Colorant: E-120. Antioxidants: E-301, E-316, E-320, E-321. Acidity corrector: E-331.

Allergens: Isolated soy protein, milk protein. May contain traces of gluten.

Nutritional information

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