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Turrón guirlache Spanish speciality


Guirlache Guirlache 7,50 €
25,75 €/kg
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Turrón guirlache Spanish specialityGuirlache
7,50 €

Description of product

The guirlache is a typical sweet of Spanish pastries originating from the Aragon region.

It is made with only 2 basic ingredients: caramelized sugar and almonds.

In our search for artisanal and quality products from our land, we could not miss the exclusive pastry-confectionery products of our friends and artisan producers at Imperiales Alonso.

The Imperiales Alonso confectionery was founded in 1887 by Emilio Alonso Ferrero. At a time when communications were not what we know today, this famous confectioner achieved numerous recognitions in France and Spain for his good work, especially for his main creation, the Imperials. .

Alonso tells us how, when he was little, having to go help his eldest in the candy store was a punishment for him. But with the passing of the years, the experiences lived and the opportunity to compare with other similar elaborations, he began to value the type of elaboration that prevailed in his "house". He began to know and enjoy all the secrets of it, the cooking, the smell, the texture... and something much more important, the feelings that his customers experienced with his product, always of affection and good memories.

From there, he began to get more involved in confectionery, courses, experiments, new ideas, etc. It is a continuous learning that he feels he owes to his addicted clients, to his land.
"Having in my hands one of the most well-known sweets in the province is an honor and at the same time a challenge. I will work to keep it alive, with all my love and inherited knowledge" Ordóño Alonso

The Imperial is the star product of its confectionery. It is a cake made of almonds, eggs and sugar. 100% natural, so much so that we could consider it a “fresh” product. But today we can also enjoy this exquisite Guirlache made by hand with natural ingredients all year round.

Since its inception in 1887, Imperiales Alonso has continued to maintain not only its original formula intact, but also its artisanal production process and its packaging. The capsules where this unique sweet is presented continue to be made and placed by hand one by one.

The best: try it and think for yourself!


Classic guirlache nougat handcrafted with selected Marcona almonds and sugar. 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives or additives. Presented in a 250 gr tablet

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