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Cecina de Wagyu Entrepeñas

Cecina de Wagyu

100g - 3,5kg aprox

Lonchas - 200 g Lonchas - 200 g 13,60 €
49,50 €/kg
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Cecina de WagyuLonchas - 200 g
13,60 €

Description of product

Sin gluten

Wagyu Cecina from Entrepeñas is a synonym of excellence and intense flavor. It is made with one of the most renowned meats. This breed of Japanese origin that presents a degree of infiltration higher than that of any other breed constitutes an excellent raw material for the elaboration of cured meats in the style and with the savoir faire of Entrepeñas.

Our Wagyu jerky is made with selected pieces of this extraordinary breed that are characterized by their high infiltration. After a curing of more than 7 months that varies depending on the specific size of each piece, these meats become an extraordinary jerky with a unique flavor and texture. Many ask us if this cecina is "better" than our extraordinary Cecina de León. The answer to the question is simply that they are different but that they are two premium products. Our cecina de León differs from the cecina de Wagyu by having a more intense and persistent color and flavor. Wagyu jerky is smoother and seems to melt on the palate. This is due to the fat that melts at a low temperature (+/- 22 degrees) and provides a milder flavor than the Leon jerky, almost sweet and very refined. Due to its extraordinary characteristics, this jerky presents an extraordinary gastronomic versatility that makes it an attractive and innovative alternative.

Our Wagyu jerky is in high demand so we only have a limited number of pieces.

You can buy our Wagyu jerky in different "formats" (jerky piece, half a 100g sliced ​​jerky and 200g sliced ​​jerky).

This time we offer half a piece of Wagyu jerky weighing approximately 1.5 kg at an exceptional price. The best jerky in Wagyu at the best price !!

It must be emphasized that it is a natural and artisan product so each piece is unique. It is not an industrial product where additives, machinery and flavor enhancers lead to serial production of identical products.

Ingredients of our Wagyu Cecina: Wagyu beef cattle, Mediterranean salt and natural oak or holm oak smoke from the forests of our area.

The cuts used are all classified according to MAGRAMA with the meat category of 1st A. To obtain 100g of jerky in Geras we use a minimum of 180g of beef.

Natural product made by hand. Long natural healing in the mountain air at 1200m above sea level in an environment declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

It does not contain additives, it does not have preservatives or colorants. At Entrepeñas we use only top quality raw materials.

Gluten free product

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