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Our pride. Possibly the best chorizo in Spain. The Chorizo de Geras


5,85 €
10,64 €/kg
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10,64 €/kg
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  • 5,85 €
5,85 €

Description of product

Sin gluten

One of the sausages that best characterises our company is the extra chorizo known as the Geras chorizo. Another variant of our chorizo de Geras is this new product,  it is slightly cured to be cooked in the microwave, on the grill, in the barbecue or to give an exquisite taste to your stews and legumes. 

You can buy our chorizo in different “formats”: spicy or non'spicy chorizo chorizo cular (stuffed into a thicker natural casing that retains the tender product for longer), or with the characteristic horseshoe shape in normal casings, chorizo for cooking or chorizo to spread). You will be able to check that the price of our artisanal chorizo with a long natural curation in the air of the mountains is excellent!

Homemade chorizo at the best price! Once suggestion: our newest product that has been very successful among our customers: the chorizo spread. Surprising! 

Natural product made in an artisanal way. Long natural curing with the helpf of the cold and dry air of our mountains at 1 200 m above sea level in an environment designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Does not contain preservatives or colouring agents. In Entrepeñas we use only raw material of the best quality.

In order to know a bit better and to find out how we produce our products, you can see this report they did about our company. Click here 

Gluten-free product

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