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Piece of cured sheep cheese

Sheep cheese - cured

660g aprox

15,20 €
23,03 €/kg
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23,03 €/kg
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Sheep cheese - cured
  • 15,20 €
15,20 €

Description of product

Produced exclusively for "Entrepeñas" by a small cheese workshop located on the outskirts of the city of León, you will love this exquisite cheese produced 100% from sheep's milk, a product of outstanding quality sold at its peak of ripeness.

Conditions of Use/Expected Use

Keep in a dry cool place

The refrigerator, the best option.

Without a doubt, although it is not necessary from a health standpoint, the best option to preserve this type of cheese is to store it in the refrigerator, preferably in the lower drawers. This will allow you to enjoy this gem of gastronomy for longer.
The ideal conditions to preserve this type of cheese are between 4 and 8 °C in temperature and 80-90% humidity.
Important! Before consuming it, it is best to leave it at room temperature for about an hour, so that it cools down and you can enjoy its flavor, aroma and texture to the fullest.

The way you cut it influences.
Use a suitable knife that easily reaches the center of the cheese to cut it diagonally in a wedge shape. The presence of irregularities favors the appearance of microorganisms, so making a dry and homogeneous cut will help preserve the cheese for longer. Warming the knife blade with hot water (and drying it) can help get a good cut.

Once opened
Of course, keeping an unopened piece is not the same as keeping an open and already cut piece. This is basic to understand how to preserve Manchego cheese. Before putting a cheese that has already been started back into the refrigerator, it is a good idea to cover the pieces with aluminum foil, plastic wrap or a damp cloth. This way we will prevent oxygen from entering, generating bacteria.
Another very good option for those who can is to vacuum pack it. If you have the opportunity, cut some wedges of cheese and vacuum seal it to enjoy at your own pace.

You can also freeze it for later consumption, but I do not recommend it, since you have a high chance of losing texture, aroma and flavor, so it is not worth it.


Raw sheep's milk, dairy ferments, rennet and salt .Contains milk.

It is recommended that people intolerant to any of the ingredients added to the manufacturing process, do not consume those products that contain them in their composition. So likewise, the presence of salt makes it advisable to moderate consumption or that are not consumed by those population groups, which due to their particular physiological conditions or problems metabolic disorders (hypertension, etc.), can be foreseen, which the food produced is potentially dangerous for your health.

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