Entrepeñas Restaurant Rosi's kitchen

The history of the restaurant is also the history of the family

The secret of Entrepeñas' restaurant is the careful selection of the raw materials and a process that combines experience and tradition

Rosi lovingly cooks recipes that give depth to the dishes and density to the flavour

Rosi's touch

Rosi prepares succulent dishes that satisfy the tastes of refined guests, delicious food lovingly prepared following the traditional cooking methods with the addition of Rosi´s touch.

You can find some of Rosi's recipes in her blog "rosiysucocina"

At Entrepeñas' restaurant the food tastes of its essence

Centuries' old recipes, craftsmanship and excellent raw materials; the food is prepared slowly on the fire to the delight of the diners.

To irrigate a good meal, there is nothing like a great wine. 

The winery lists a wide representation of the best wines of the country: outstanding wines from different appellations of origin.  

Where are we?

C/ José Álvarez González, 15 24608 Geras de Gordón

We close on Tuesdays, exception made for national holidays