Bites of land and tradition, Ambassadors of the flavours from León

Without abandoning our roots

It was in the early 50s when Federico Ordóñez Muñiz and his wife Jacoba Fernández Pérez took over the small grocery store run by Federico's mother, Bernarda Muñiz.

Ms Jacoba, developed during years the most famous sausages of the leonese mountains, with care and a great touch.

Much more than flavour

Entrepeñas advocates for the very best sausages, synonym of excellence, trust and intense flavour

Jacoba's recipes

Faithful to the tradition, three children of the founding marriage, daughters-in-law and grandchildren, continue to offer the best sausages of León following exactly the recipes of Ms Jacoba.

Embutidos Entrepeñas connects to the history of the land on which it stands: Geras de Gordón

From Leon, from home

We carefully select the best natural ingredients from the territory of León